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Hilltop Caravans


Address: 2 Katz Way, Somerton VIC 3062, Australia

With the help from Australia’s leading suppliers here at Hilltop Caravans we are able to ensure that all caravans are to the highest quality including modern fittings & optional upgrades and more. Our custom made vans can be included with whatever the things you need and we do make caravans for people with special needs according to their preferences and requirements. Building strong relationships with our dealer community is important to our success. We understand the stronger our dealers, the stronger your satisfaction.

The Story

After gaining 6-7 years of experience in the industry I (Dham) wanted to implement my own ideas into practice. So I sat in front of my computer and started sketching few different layouts, shapes and different styles of cabinets. That’s how my 21’ Hilltop Hotham was born. I could sell my first Hotham without any waiting period and I could get few orders from it.

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