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Hike RV Caravans


Address: 43-45 Salvator Dr Campbellfield VIC 3061

Welcome to Hike RV Caravans!

Hike RV Caravans takes great pleasure in offering the best craftsmanship. They have a highly skilled team with many years of expertise in making caravans. Each caravan is put together piece by piece using a flow-through approach to uphold their strict quality control procedure. Every caravan that leaves the factory floor exhibits premium craftsmanship due to their leader’s leadership in all forwards planning and R & D.

To give the customer peace of mind, quality control measures are in place after every stage of the production line. For instance, before moving forwards with the manufacture of the chassis, skilled workers will evaluate the product under tight rules. By doing this, they can maintain uniformity across their whole product line and guarantee that every caravan component is installed flawlessly.
Customers can be certain that the Hike RV team has their safety and best interests at heart because all design and manufacturing decisions, as well as component production, are made internally.

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