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Glen Cromie Caravan Park

Caravan Parks, Victoria

Address: 850 Main Neerim Rd, Drouin West VIC 3818

In the late 1800’s Glen Cromie Caravan Park which it was formally known as, was a picnic park for locals. Joseph Cromie owned a General drapery and Manchester store in Warragul and purchased this land to be used as a getaway or for functions for his employees. Since all that time ago it has evolved into a beautiful Caravan and Camping and day park. Some people like to sit in a shady spot for a picnic and a swim in the river while others like to hire a shelter for the day. A number of families, sporting groups, social groups use these shelters for larger numbers of people.

Glen Cromie is the perfect place for a work break up party, family reunion, birthday or that special event. There are 5 shelters placed around the park and they are spacious and have tables and chairs with electricity readily available for maybe a hot Urn or music. These shelters are perfect all year round, providing protection from the rain and sun, to make sure your day can proceed regardless of the weather.
The park has a number of Electric BBQs which are coin operated or you can bring your own if you prefer. Gas BBQ’s cannot be used on Total Fire Ban Days.
Glen Cromie is the perfect spot for you to enjoy a day or two catching up with family or friends. Our guests tend to be very friendly and range from young couples, some with young families, through to grandparents. Grandparents tend to bring their whole family with them and we are committed to ensuring that your choice of use for the park is enjoyable for you all.
Glen Cromie is so close to Melbourne that you can easily escape into your hidden haven for one or two nights, on the weekend or longer. Occasionally an established site with a Caravan/Annexe becomes available for sale or otherwise you can choose to bring your own and chooses a number of different site options. If you would like more information about becoming a long term Holiday site operator you can contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Your Holiday destination awaits you, less than one hour from Melbourne!

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