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Essential Caravans

Address: 7 Merri Concourse, Campbellfield Vic,3061

My name is David Wilson and I am the Director of Essential Caravans based in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria.

​Essential Caravans is a culmination of over 35 years experience in the caravan industry. Together with my experienced team of managers, builders, planners and industry experts, we are breaking the mould of solely manufacturer-based thinking.

​I am very proud to introduce a new style of caravan to today’s caravan market; a caravan that offers unheard of value for money and includes features packaged into caravans that are built to the highest standard. It is a standard you would normally expect to find in a caravan priced many thousands more.

​​At Essential Caravans, we offer customer-based manufacturing and after-sales service that only someone with a Dealer background could understand and appreciate as to what is expected in today’s demanding retail market.

​​Far from a newcomer to the industry, I first started out as a caravan Service Manager some 18 years ago, then moved to Sales and then General Manager of a successful country-based dealership. I am now fulfilling my life-long dream of building high quality vans at an affordable price.

​​Sounds like a cliché? Well, inspect an Essential caravan for yourself today and you will soon realise – as have many other satisfied customers – that these words are more than just a throw-away line, they are a true statement of what Essential Caravans represents.

​Designed with only the most desirable, popular and practical layouts in mind, I am sure you will enjoy many years of hassle-free caravanning across our beautiful country in an Essential caravan.

​Wishing you many happy travels,

​David Wilson

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