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Dunny Buddy


Address: P.O. Box 194 Gisborne, Victoria, Australia 3437

So what is dunny buddy® anyway?

dunny buddy® is the NEW innovative outdoor toilet roll protector and dispensing device 100% designed, engineered, manufactured and packaged in Melbourne, Australia.

It’s unique registered and patented design enables the user to transport, store and use a toilet paper roll without compromise, keeping it safe from water, dirt, dampness and unravelling, simply put its ARMOUR for your paper.

An additional central storage area provides safe keeping for items such as hand sanitiser, medication, a whistle or even a pen torch whilst it’s two piece locking system allows the user QUICK and EASY access for roll replacement.

An ergonomic product with a removal carry strap to Keep it 5 star wherever you are®.

dunny buddy® – for the adventurous bum!®

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