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Cohiba Bar

Victoria, Restaurants, Wineries & Breweries

Address: 69 Thompson Ave, Cowes

Since 2018, we’ve quickly become known as the most notable Cocktail Bar in Phillip Island when we opened our first bar, Shaka Bar. 

We now bring to you amazing people… C O H I B A  B A R!

Classic Spanish tapas cooked and served to you by our bewildering chefs.

When it comes to our drinks.. let me tell you something. You have never, ever, experienced drinks like you have here. From smoking guns to flavoured bubbles, house infusions to over the top garnishes. You will be left wishing and wanting more every time.

We’re dedicated to making sure your time with us is unlike anything else you’ve experienced. Our professional crew behind the bar and kitchen have carefully curated a list of drinks and meals that leave your mouth buzzing with layers of flavor. Don’t believe us? Come on by and see for yourself.

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