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Cedar Caravans

Victoria, RV/Caravan Manufacturer


Established in 2017 with over 30 years in the industry.

Achieving the highest safety standards, implementing new building innovations, finding greater levels of luxury…this is what inspires Cedar to build Caravans every single day.

From the factory floor to when it arrives in the hands of our customers we put our hearts into every custom caravan we build and every Cedar caravan gets the Managing Director’s personal seal of approval before it leaves the factory.

All of our Vans come with a 12 month warranty for added peace of mind.

Customisation is also key to what makes our Vans a unique caravan brand. Customers can choose to customise their caravans from scratch and even visit the factory floor to watch it being built from the ground up. It’s a highly personalised approach giving customers the option to build their ultimate dream caravan.

Cedar Caravans also offer a diverse range of caravan models, offering flexibility to buy straight from our caravan dealers

Our chassis are all made to comply with all Australian standards and ADR’s but most importantly comply with our own internal high standard of workmanship. We are confident that our product is one of the best on the market, where our attention is purely focused on creating a strong, reliable and durable product. We continue to thrive to provide our customer with a product that is of superior quality

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