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Address: Unit 21/8 Jullian Close Banksmeadow, NSW 2019

About Caravan Partnership

Caravan Partnership is helping people make the dream of owning a caravan and travelling on it easier, quicker and more affordable. Our innovative new solution will allow you to use your caravan in the way that suits your lifestyle, budget, and time constraints. Instead of all the hassle of owning and maintaining a caravan, all you’ll see is the fun and adventure of travelling with it.

Caravans have never been more popular in Australia. In fact, caravanning is becoming one of the most popular holiday options and lifestyles among people of all ages. Over 18 million Australians are connected to the caravanning lifestyle and yet things haven’t changed much in the industry in years. That’s what we want to change.

More and more people are buying into the freedom and the ease of this type of travel. But there are a lot of extras that come along with caravan ownership, from maintenance and cleaning to detailing and storage when you aren’t travelling.

Our innovative solution makes the whole experience quicker, easier, and more affordable

Caravan Partnership is a family owned business centrally located in Sydney. The company was born out of the desire to make caravanning available to everyone, no matter their budgets or time constraints. If you dream about caravanning but don’t want the hassle or the expense, we want to make your dream come true. We built our solutions with your needs and wants in mind. They’re flexible enough to suit every type of caravan traveller and tailored to suit the new model of travel, one where you have the choices and the freedom you need to actually make it happen.

We’re transforming the caravan market and giving more Australians access to the caravanning lifestyle.

This is our vision. We want to revolutionise the caravanning market with sharesrental, and management solutions to suit long and short term caravanners as well as people who are dreaming of the open road. And we want to make it so easy that anyone can do it.

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