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RV/Caravan Dealers, Tasmania

Address: 21 Richard St, Western Junction TAS 7212

CamperPlus opened in May 2020 as a brand-new Caravan & Camper Trailer retailer in Tasmania, selling new and used vans, as well as parts and servicing.

During our first 6 months of operation, we added Hilltop Caravans, Royal Flair Caravans and Paramount Caravans to our Dealership

We are owned by AutoRent Pty Ltd, which is in turn owned by more than 100 past and present staff, AutoRent has a long, proud history in the campervan hire industry

Since its creation in 1977, from a merger between two long-established Statewide rental companies, AutoRent has been at the forefront in the development of campervans and motorhomes

We know and love Tasmania and are excited to add our retail division, CamperPlus, to our business

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