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Cafe 3641

Restaurants, Wineries & Breweries, Victoria

Address: 54 Main Street, Strathmerton,Victoria 3641

Carolyn Ryan, well know as a specialty cake decorator as well as pastry chef of 22 years has established a small but dainty café in Strathmerton.

With a passion for quality food and fine dining experiences we aim to sell the finest blends of both coffee and tea which may be accompanied by a light gormet meal or a sweet treat. The cafe, a fully restored original home of Strathmerton provides a unique eating experience either indoors or outdoors with friendly staff willing to help you.
With the help of a chef, the menu will not be worn out as new exciting dishes will regularly take the place of pre-existing meals to keep customers curious about what may be on offer when they next come to visit. As we are now fully licensed we have available beer & wine to accompany meals.

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