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Bleasdale Winery

South Australia, Restaurants, Wineries & Breweries

Address: 1640 Langhorne Creek Rd, Langhorne Creek, SA

Our Wines

Since Frank Potts was captivated by the potential of the fertile Langhorne Creek region to create ripe, full-bodied wine styles, the Potts family has been following an over 160-year-old tradition of innovative grape growing and winemaking.

History & Passion

The philosophy of the Bleasdale winemaking team is to capture the essence of what makes Langhorne Creek red wines so attractive – vibrancy, harmony and texture. Cabernet Sauvignon has elegance and captivating depth of flavour, Shiraz is a ripe fruit style with refined cool climate spice elements and Malbec is perfumed and finely structured.

Bleasdale is rich in history and producing some of Australia’s most exciting, consistently impressive premium wines. Whether a Bleasdale wine is $12 or $70, whether it is a Sparkling Shiraz, a single vineyard Malbec or the Frank Potts Cabernet, it conveys a story in the glass that substantiates its history, diversity and increasingly, its pedigree.

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