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Remote Break Downs, LIMP Mode or Engine lights – NO MORE!

Autophix Australia had the remote traveller in mind when they discovered the awesome quality Autophix self-scan OBD23/DTC scanner.

Learn more about your car’s performance, identify problems and clear codes as they occur all at the touch of your hand.

Who needs an OBD2/DTC scanner?

People travelling around Australia – People Caravanning 

People who travel to remote area’s – 4×4 Enthusiast’s 

Fleet owners – Hire Companies – Taxi Companies – Sales Rep’s 

DIY Home Mechanics – Anyone who owns a car

What are the benefits of owning your own OBD2/DTC Scanner?

Plug n play easy operation.

Save on remote towing bills.

Autophix OBD2 Clears Error codes that cause engine lights and LIMP modes.

Save on potential costly mechanical repairs.

Owning an Autophix scanner allows you to learn more about your vehicle.

Most Autophix OBD2 scanners allows you to look up error code descriptions.

Where can you find us?

Autophix Australia is run by Aussie traveler’s just like you, come visit our website to see the whole range or call 1300 037222.

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