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Alice Springs Reptile Centre

Northern Territory, Attractions


Welcome to the Alice Springs Reptile Centre home to the largest reptile display in Central Australia. They display an extensive range of reptiles including Terry the Saltwater Crocodile, HUGE Perentie Goannas, Thorny Devils, Frill-neck Lizards and many other fascinating lizards including a varied selection of NT Geckos from the Alice Springs region, Barkly and the Top End on display in the amazing Gecko Cave.

The daily show is not to be missed. Each day at 11am, 1pm and 3.30pm the show includes a fun and informative talk on selected lizards and pythons followed by a supervised handling session.


Alice Springs Reptile Centre showcases Northern Territory reptiles. More than 100 reptiles of over fifty different species are exhibited indoors and outside in naturally landscaped surrounds. Terry’s Saltwater Crocodile exhibit features underwater viewing enabling you to get up close to this mighty predator and get some great photos!

Rex and the staff personally welcome everyone into the Reptile Centre and are always available to answer your questions. A major feature of the Reptile Centre is the opportunity to get close to the ‘locals.’ Informative talks are offered daily which may involve the feeding and handling of the friendlier reptiles.

School groups are made especially welcome. A fun and educational talk on the reptiles is provided and includes topics covering habitats, food, predators, adaptations, snake-bite first aid and how to avoid encounters with snakes in the wild. The session concludes with supervised handling of the friendlier lizards and pythons. Squeals of delight can be heard during the handling time whilst parents and teachers hide in the corner!

Coach groups and special interest groups are also welcome with tours of the Reptile centre tailored to suit your needs and time commitments. Bookings are advisable and appreciated.

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