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5 Travelling Tips

To help you get ready for this holiday season, we have put together 5 Tips that may assist you in a smooth running adventure!

  1. Make yourself a check list: beach
    We know that this is the obvious one, however you will be surprised at the amount of time we have all turned the car around because we have left something important back at the house! A good checklist to refer to can be found on the Caravan & Camping Industry Association SA website.!
  2. Natural Tick Repellent:
    These little buggers can cause a lot of trouble, so to help keep them away try this simple and natural repellent! Grab yourself some tea tree oil, a spray bottle and water, fill 1/3 of the bottle with the tea tree oil and the other 2/3 with water.
  3. Emergency Kindling:
    We all know that Doritos are delicious to eat, however did you know that they make an awesome substitute for kindling! So if you happen to run out and have a bag of Doritos you’re good to go! During the Summer Season we must be aware of the risks of lighting camp fires so please take the upmost care.
  4. Keeping the Kids Busy:
    A great way to take the kids off your hands for an hour or two is to send them on a scavenger hunt! We need our relaxation time too. Here’s the list, now send them running! But remember they can’t double up (its keep them at bay longer)!
    – Something fuzzy
    – Two kinds of seeds
    – Something straight
    – Something round
    – Something smooth
    – Something roughcaravan
    – Two different types of leaves
    – Something that makes noise
    – A chewed leaf
    – A beautiful rock
    – Something you think is beautiful
    – A pinecone
    – Something green
    – A stick
    – Something you think is a treasure
  5. Take it Easy:
    Drive carefully and take it easy on the roads, pace yourself, pull over very 2-3 hours and if you have another driver swap over. Be courteous to the other drivers around you, and most off all enjoy the scenery.

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