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A great day for a bike ride

Today the weather couldn’t make up its mind as to whether it wanted to poor down with rain, be dark and cloudy, sunny and windy or sunny, windy and raining

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Surfing it definitely takes talent

There is definitely an elegance, grace and skill required when it comes to surfing that not everyone has (maybe you’re just born with it), and that is certainly true with

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A cruisy one

There is nothing like driving along the open road taking in the beautiful tranquility surrounding you, it’s so peaceful and refreshing seeing nature at its finest, lush green grass, birds

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A day full of laughter

Today was about having FUN, and boy oh boy did we ever! As normal, we slept off last night’s shenanigans and began our day with a spot of breakfast, it

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Venturing with Marine Life

Today is day 2 of our 5th Summer Series, Go Make Some Memories Convoy for Charity, raising money and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation! To say that today

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Our first day is a wrap!

After a long drive yesterday for some, and a relaxing day for those who were a little smarter and arrived at Tween Waters Merimbula on Saturday (with a few stop over’s along

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