• Macca, Angie and Adele explore Jindabyne as they stop in on the way through to Canberra.
  • As the gang settle in for the night at the Jindabyne Holiday park, they realise they’ve come on the perfect night. Pizza night!
  • While in Thredbo, the gang check out the High Country Wine & Cheese Festival to taste test come classic cheese and wine combinations.
  • Check out the caravan that Macca has been towing and staying in on the trip through the Snowy Mountains, The New Age Gecko.
  • To stay in touch with your friends, family and convoy whilst on the road, use Oricom’s hand held 2-way radios for communication you can trust.
  • For your chance to win a New Age caravan, or a gift voucher from Camec, head to the competitions page on the What’s Up Down Under website for details on how to enter.
  • Macca, Angie and Adele go mountain biking up the Thredbo Valley Track and then release their inner child as they finish up the day at the Bobsled track.

The Light is Shinning Bright for Tania Kernaghan!

 May 2017

Sometimes during an artist’s career – certain songs just seem to pop up out of the blue and take on a life of their own. “Light In T…

Coronet Grand Prince...

20170519_093036.jpg Coronet Grand Prince Caravan 2009 Model 21'6". Full ensuite, R/C Aircon, Q Bed, Winegard TV Antenna, Bre...

2003 2003 WINDSOR ST...

2003-Windsor-Streamline-Poptop-Caravan-01.jpg 2003 WINDSOR STREAMLINE 17 FT POP TOP CARAVAN , SLEEPS 2. TARE MASS 1250KG. COM...

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May 9, 2017

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